About Show Pony

Instagram: brotherobrother_

"We are incredibly proud of Show Pony. Musically, it is what we always kind of wanted the band to be in the beginning. For this album it was about finding that blend of blues, soul, and psychedelic that really made it what we wanted it to be. It was also important for us that there was a clear, positive and topical message in the music. Throughout the writing process, the lyrics and content of the album really developed from our own personal experiences in those moments and the world we observed around us as well as our faith. We really were overtly focused on trying to create and album that is hopefully on par with other regional and national acts. So many songs got thrown away to accomplish this goal and we believe the quality is on full display. Huge thanks to Threshold Studios, Shine Indy, and Fonoflo Records for all helping this come to fruition." ~ Chris Banta & Warner Swopes